Algorithms for Purchase Invoices

We book purchase invoices based on the data in your bookkeeping, with 89,7% accuracy.

Finance.Rocks is a narrow AI focused on automating your purchase invoice booking process

Since early 2016 we've tested 24 different statistical methods to automate the booking of purhcase invoices. Clustering, Dimensionality reduction, Supervised learning, Classification, Logistical regression. You name it, we've tried it. Having unsuccessfully booked over 236 000 invoices, we confidently know what works and what doesn't. Today we select the correct purchase account and cost center to 87.9% of all of our clients invoices.

Automatic Feedback Loop

Every single day, we book more than 1000 purchase invoices for 600 clients. When an accountant corrects the booking we suggested, we automatically adjust our algorithms according to the correction, meaning that we're constantly being improved by the accountants of our 600 clients.

Works in current Accounts Payable software

We don't want to force you to log in to our software. When is on, it will automatically suggest the purchase account to your invoices within your current Accounts Payable Software, so you don't have to log in to if you don't want to.


Bonus: Reports

The Finance.Rocks Netvisor integration lets you download all of your bookkeeping data from Netvisor. With it you can create better, automated reports and be the rockstar your bookkeeping data deserves. Here are the things you can do right away:

Download Standard Reports
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts List
  • Accounting Period
  • Customers List
  • Dimensions List
  • Products List
  • Sales Invoices List
  • Sales Payments List
  • Sales Personnel List
Download Custom Reports
  • General Ledger with Sales Invoice & Purchase Invoice detailsNew!
  • Customers List With Details
  • Products List With Details
  • Sales Invoices List With Details
Integrate with Microsoft PowerBI
  • Send your data to PowerBI
  • Visualise the data in PowerBI